Re: [R] Boxplot Help for Neophyte

From: Marc Schwartz (via MN) <>
Date: Tue 21 Feb 2006 - 07:58:35 EST

On Mon, 2006-02-20 at 20:27 +0000, Alex Park wrote:
> R helpers
> I am getting to grips with R but came across a small problem today that I
> could not fix by myself.
> I have 3 text files, each with a single column of data. I read them in
> using:
> myData1<-scan("C:/Program Files/R/myData1.txt")
> myData2<-scan("C:/Program Files/R/myData2.txt")
> myData3<-scan("C:/Program Files/R/myData3.txt")
> I wanted to produce a chart with 3 boxplots of the data and used:
> boxplot(myData1, myData2, myData3)
> This worked fine so I consulted R [help(bxp)] to add some format and labels
> e.g. title= , xlab =, ylab= , notch=TRUE etc. I managed to figure that ok.
> However, I could not figure out how to get the labels myData1, myData2, and
> myData3 on the boxplot x-axis to denote which box was which (though I knew
> by looking). Can anybody help with this?
> I trawled through my downloaded R pdfs but could not find a way.
> Regards
> Alex Park


You can use the 'names' argument to boxplot():

  boxplot(myData1, myData2, myData3,

          names = c("myData1", "myData2", "myData"))

If you want additional flexibility, note that by default (unless you change the 'at' argument), the group plots are drawn at integer axis values of 1:n, where 'n' is the number of groups. See the 'at' argument in ?boxplot. You can then use mtext() to draw further text if desired.

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