Re: [R] Need frequency distribution for x,y coordinates

From: Jim Lemon <>
Date: Sun 12 Feb 2006 - 14:12:10 EST

mark shanks wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a set of data in x,y coordinates across the range of -5 to 5
in each
> dimension. I would like to obtain the frequency distribution of the
> different points, and then graph them so you can see which of the
points are
> the most frequently occurring.
> This would seem to be easy in Matlab, which has the hist3 command for
> frequency distributions/histograms in 3 dimensions. However, as far
as I can
> tell, R does not have a hist3 command.

If a 2D display is okay, you can use the color2D.matplot function in the plotrix package to plot the output of something like kde2d in MASS:

xdens<-kde2d(sample(x,500,TRUE),sample(x,500,TRUE),n=11) color2D.matplot(xdens$z,c(1,0),c(0,1),c(0,0), show.legend=TRUE,xlab="Columns",ylab="Rows")

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