[R] How to read more than 1 table?

From: Atte Tenkanen <attenka_at_utu.fi>
Date: Tue 21 Feb 2006 - 08:40:17 EST

Question 1) I want to read many csv-tables and run the same commands for all of them. Is there some simpler solution than this below to solve this problem?

for (g in 1:6)

if (g==1){k="kt1_0057"}
if (g==2){k="kt1_0101"}
if (g==3){k="kt1_0613"}
if (g==4){k="staten"}
if (g==5){k="tenpenny"}
if (g==6){k="fiddrunk"}

TABLE=read.table(paste("/home/user/",k,".csv",sep=""),sep = ",", na.strings=".",header=F,fill=TRUE);



Question 2) Is it possible to create new variables for example with the assistance of for-loop without initialising them beforehand?

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