Re: [R] need a R-code formatter?

From: Søren Højsgaard <>
Date: Tue 21 Feb 2006 - 10:03:12 EST

You can use emacs with ESS - and/or try to encourage (kindly) the creator of Tinn-R to create such a code-formatter... Best

Fra: på vegne af Michael Sendt: on 15-02-2006 07:05
Emne: [R] need a R-code formatter?

Hi all,

I am using Tin-R as my editor; I use it because it allows me to send several selected lines to R-console and execute them...

In some sense, this is my line-by-line debugger.

But it doesn't have a code formatter, I have to layout the indention myself -- when there are many { } blocks with different layers, this editor does not help me beautify the code...

I am looking for some editor with better debugging support and with a R-code formatter?

Thanks a lot!


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