[R] linear discriminant analysis in MASS

From: Alain Paquette <alain.paquette_at_umontreal.ca>
Date: Tue 21 Feb 2006 - 10:21:56 EST

Hello R people

I now know how to run my discriminant analysis with the lda function in MASS:
lda.alain=lda(Groupes ~ Ht.D0 + Lc.Dc + Ram + IDF, gr, CV = FALSE) and it works fine.

But I am missing a test and cannot find any help on how to get it, if it exist.

The "S" equivalent:
discrim(structure(.Data = Groupes ~ Ht.D0 + Lc.Dc + Ram + IDF, class =
"formula"), data = gr, family = Canonical(cov.structure =
"homoscedastic"), na.action = na.omit, prior = "proportional")

outputs a nice matrix of Mahalanobis distances between groups and even tests (Hotelling's T Squared) for significant distances.

Why don't I just take the "S" output you say? Because like you, I'd rather put in my paper that I did it using R of course! Does anyone know of a way to get this test out of lda? Or of another R package that does it?

(on peut me répondre en français aussi, évidemment!)

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