Re: [R] Using LAPACK in C-code to be loaded in R - getting-started-help

From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Tue 21 Feb 2006 - 10:12:23 EST

Are you talking about LAPACK (title) or LINPACK (body)?

On Mon, 20 Feb 2006, Søren Højsgaard wrote:

> I want to speed up computations (involving matrices) by writing some
> C-code to be loaded. In the C-code, I need to invert matrices etc. As
> I've understood the "writing R extensions" doc, I can use use #include
> <R_ext/Linpack.h> in my .c-file and get access to linpack's facilities
> within my C-code.
> Is that correct?

Only for some of the functions listed in that file: please consult it.

> If so, can anyone point me to examples on how this is actually done in
> practice?


Linpack: RandomFields fracdiff glmmML mgcv LAPACK: lots, e.g, MNP kernlab knncat rmetasim supclust

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