[R] glmm.admb - bug and possible solution??

From: Hans Skaug <Hans.Skaug_at_mi.uib.no>
Date: Tue 21 Feb 2006 - 23:31:50 EST

Dear R list,

A problem with the package glmmADMB was pointed out by R. Bagchi some time ago. We have now fixed the problem and a new version of the package can be downloaded from the usual place:


The likelihood values that previously were off by a constant have now been corrected.

Please let me know if there are other problems.


>Dear Dr Skaug and R users,
>just discovered glmm.admb in R, and it seems a very useful tool.
>However, I ran into a problem when I compare two models:
>m1<-glmm.admb(survival~light*species*damage, random=~1, group="table",
>data=bm, family="binomial", link="logit")
>m1.1<-glmm.admb(survival~(light+species+damage)^2, random=~1,
>group="table", data=bm, family="binomial", link="logit")
>anova(m1, m1.1)
>I get the following output with the warning
>Analysis of Variance Table
>Model 1: survival ~ light * species * damage
>Model 2: survival ~ (light + damage + species)^2
>NoPar LogLik Df -2logQ P.value
>1 9.000 -103.307
>2 9.000 -103.781 0 -0.948
>Warning message:
>NaNs produced in: pchisq(q, df, lower.tail, log.p)

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