Re: [R] Unable to configure R 2.2.1 on Solaris 5.10 x86_64

From: Phineas Campbell <>
Date: Wed 22 Feb 2006 - 06:32:27 EST

Which compiler are you using?

I successfully built R for Solaris on SPARC using GCC, but it took a while to get it working the first time.

The first step would be to see if you can build simple "Hello World" apps for C, C++ and Fortran in the directory in which you are going to install R.

If you are unable to do this I would suggest that you build GCC from sources, and rather than use the Sun Software companion disk download the most recent versions of the various libraries and utilities from

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Apologies for the post here. I have read the R-Admin (learned a lot!) and searched the web for days, but still fail at compiling R on my Ultra 20 running solaris 10 x86 1/06.

This is the tail of './configure' output: .....
checking for dlopen in -ldl... yes
checking readline/history.h usability... no checking readline/history.h presence... no checking for readline/history.h... no
checking readline/readline.h usability... no checking readline/readline.h presence... no checking for readline/readline.h... no
checking for rl_callback_read_char in -lreadline... no checking for main in -lncurses... no
checking for main in -ltermcap... yes
checking for rl_callback_read_char in -lreadline... no checking for history_truncate_file... no configure: error: --with-readline=yes (default) and headers/libs are not available

My R-2.2.1/ has the following changes from default:

CC="cc -xtarget=opteron -xarch=amd64"
CFLAGS="-xO5 -xlibmil -dalign"
CPPFLAGS=-I/opt/sfw/include -I/opt/sfw/include/readline \ -I/opt/csw/include -I/opt/SUNWspro/include -I/opt/csw/include/readline F77="f95 -xarch=amd64 -xtarget=opteron"

FFLAGS="-xO5 -xlibmil -dalign"
LDFLAGS=-L/opt/SUNWspro/lib/amd64/ -L/opt/sfw/lib -L/opt/csw/lib
CXX="CC -xarch=amd64 -xtarget=opteron"

CXXFLAGS="-xO5 -xlibmil -dalign"

My .zshrc file has the following (as I saw that some of the LDFLAGS should match my LD_LIBRARY_PATH and CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/ksh):

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/sfw/include:/opt/sfw/include/readline:/usr/local/lib:/u sr/X/lib:/usr/lib:/usr/ucblib:/lib:/usr/ccs/lib:/etc/lib:/usr/dt/lib:/opt/SU NWspro/lib/amd64/:/opt/sfw/lib:/opt/csw/lib

Readline (version 4.2 from the Sun Companion CD) is located in /opt/sfw/include/readline. Both the readline.h and history.h files are there. Version 5.0 is located in /opt/csw/include/readline (from Blastwave). As you can see, I am new at compiling in general and Solaris specifically. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

System information:

System = SunOS
Release = 5.10
KernelID = Generic_118844-26
Machine = i86pc
OEM# = 0
Origin# = 1
NumCPU = 1


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