[R] heatmap.2 in gplots package

From: Akkineni,Vasundhara <vasu.akkineni_at_louisville.edu>
Date: Thu 23 Feb 2006 - 04:09:11 EST

Hello all,

I am using the heatmap.2 function in the gplots package. I want to supress the reordering of the columns of the data matrix i pass to the function. I used the statement,


where z, is the matrix of data. The output i want should have the rows reordered along with the dendrogram and the columns should be in the original order without any dendrogram. For the above statement i am getting an error:

Error in image.default(1:nc, 1:nr, x, xlim = 0.5 + c(0, nc), ylim = 0.5 + :

        dimensions of z are not length(x)(+1) times length(y)(+1)

I also tried using ,
heatmap.2(z,Colv=NULL,dendrogram="row",col=redgreen(75)) for which i am getting the output, but the columns are reordered. How can this be done for the way in which i want the map to appear?


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