[R] Extracting information from factanal()

From: Smit, R. (Robin) <robin.smit_at_tno.nl>
Date: Fri 24 Feb 2006 - 21:04:03 EST

Dear list members,  

I apologize for putting this (probably) very basic question on the mailing list. I have scanned through the R website (using search) but did not found an answer.  

(code included below)  

A factor matrix is simply extracted (which can then subsequently be exported using write.table) by FACT$loadings[1:6,].

I would also like to specifically extract and export "proportion var", but unfortunately are not succesful after attempting different ways (str(FACT) did not help me).

Any suggestions/comments are appreciated.  

Kind regards,
Robin Smit    

> FACT <- factanal(HATCO, 2, rotation = "none")
factanal(x = HATCO, factors = 2, rotation = "none")


   x1 x2 x3 x4 x6 x7
0.498 0.568 0.477 0.111 0.298 0.526


   Factor1 Factor2

x1          0.709 
x2  0.326  -0.570 
x3 -0.166   0.704 
x4  0.941         

x6 0.829 0.118
x7 0.267 -0.634
               Factor1 Factor2
SS loadings      1.778   1.743

Proportion Var 0.296 0.291
Cumulative Var 0.296 0.587

Test of the hypothesis that 2 factors are sufficient. The chi square statistic is 3.98 on 4 degrees of freedom. The p-value is 0.409

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