Re: [R] Read SAS .sd2 file into R?

From: Kevin Viel <>
Date: Tue 28 Feb 2006 - 03:27:15 EST

Peter Dalgaard wrote:
> "mtb954 mtb954" <> writes:

>>Does anyone know how to import a SAS .sd2 file into R? I can't see
>>anything in library(foreign).

> The SAS dataset file formats are not publicly available. You need
> either SAS itself (on a Windows machine) or a specialized tool like
> DBMS/Copy to converti it.


   There may be another way, though I have yet to explore it.

The SAS System Viewer is free and you may distribute it royalty free:

"Files Supported by the SAS System Viewer The SAS System Viewer lets you view the following types of SAS files: Read Only
* 7.00 Data Sets created under the windows environment (sas7bdat, sd7, sd2, ssd,
ssd0x, saseb$data)
* 6.06 - 6.12 Catalogs - Directory Information Only (sc2, sct, sct0x, saseb$catalog)

* 3.2.2 JMP(r) Data Sets - Macintosh and Windows (jmp)
* 6.12 MDDB - Multi-dimensional Data Base Files (sm2)
* SAS Transport Files (stx, xpt)
* SAS Log Files (log)
* SAS List Files (lst)

Read and Write Enabled

* Comma Delimited Files (csv)
* Space Delimited Files (prn)
* Text Based Files (sas, dat, cfg, html)"

Whether you can copy and paste will be key.



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