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Hi All.

I'd like to programm a 4 dimensional chart in R. Acctually I wanted to solve that problem in Excel cause I had the data there. Here is a link of my actual problem description (there are some chart pictures as well).... http://www.mrexcel.com/board2/viewtopic.php?t=187336&highlight=stacked+column because I still couldn't solve that problem I came to R.

The chart should be actually a 3D chart of the type 3D Column Chart with following achsis:

X Achsis: driven kilometre in 10000 blocks
Y Achsis: Production month
Z Achsis: number

I need to show another month in that chart, the repair month. Each column should be a stacked column with more colors, so that every color shows one repair month.

I tried to do it with the scatterplot3d function after I saw this example (it is from uwe ligges book): install.packages("scatterplot3d")
s3d <- scatterplot3d(trees, type = "h", angle = 55, scale.y = 0.7, pch = 16, main = "trees") my.lm <- with(trees, lm(Volume ~ Girth + Height) ) s3d$plane3d(my.lm, lty.box = "solid" )

Normally I just have to group the ranges which show the km in 10000 blocks and group the points as well, but I didn't come that far. even the scatterplot3d funtion didn't work for my data (gwx and x is my data table).
 x <- gw.faelle(gwx)

k3d <- scatterplot3d(x, type = "h", angle = 55, scale.y = 0.7, pch = 16, main = "GWK" ) Error in segments(x, z, x, z2, col = col, cex = cex.symbols, ...) :
        invalid color specification

Do you have an idea how I can accomplish this task? Is it at allpossible to do that with scatterplot and some low level functions orshall I look at other packages and functions?

Thanks in advance for any help and ideas!

Best regards,


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