Re: [R] about"Riply's K function"and "envelope"

From: Sundar Dorai-Raj <>
Date: Tue 28 Feb 2006 - 06:58:00 EST

zhang jian wrote:
> hi!
> I did Riply's K function and envelope in the package "SPATSTAT". When the
> species number is less, it can work well and it is quickly. But when the
> species number is more(example:2000), it told me"memory limit". So I change
> "memory limit". But the speed is very slow. I took 13 hours to run the
> programe.
> Perhaps there are other methods that can do it. Or just change some
> parsmeters.
> who can help me?
> Thank you!
> Jian Zhang

I don't have an example, but have you looked at ?Kenvl in the spatial package?

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