[R] log scale y axis ticks control on boxplots

From: Thomas Hoffmann <thomas.hoffmann_at_uni-bonn.de>
Date: Tue 28 Feb 2006 - 09:08:10 EST

Hey R Users

I like to control the ticks and labels in a boxplot as described for a xyplot below (thread in maillinglist in may 2003). Does anybody knows how it works?

Thanks in advance

Thread from May 2003

Hello R Users!

I'm using lattice to produce some graphs with logaritmic y-scales. I use the command

xyplot(hits ~ c(1:1024), data=eichData, type="S", scales=list(y = list(log=10)))

to create the plot. This is fine, except for the automatically choosen tick marks. I'd like to have a major tick at the 10^n location and minor ticks in between which correspond with the native variable. To get this working I have to use at and label like

labl <- rep("", 30)
labl[1] <- "1"; labl[10] <- "10"; labl[19] <- "100"; labl[28] <- "1000"; nums <- c(1:10, seq(20,100, 10), seq(200, 1000, 100)) xyplot(hits ~ c(1:1024), data=eichData, type="S", scales=list(y = list(log=10, at=nums, labels=labl)))

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