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From: Romain Francois <>
Date: Tue 28 Feb 2006 - 20:50:43 EST

Le 28.02.2006 10:27, a écrit :
> Hello,
> I would like to know if it is possible to insert LaTeX typesetting in R output.
> I want to obtain a graph with LaTeX label in order to incorporate it as
> postscript or pdf,
> x<-seq(0,1,length=100)
> y<-x*x
> plot(x,y,xlab="$X$",ylab="$X^2$")
Bonjour Alexandre,

There is already a mechanism in R to insert mathematical annotations in graphics, see


But this is not really LaTeX.

What about creating you graphic with no labels, and then use the LaTeX package eso-pic to put your labels where you like with the command \AddToShipoutPicture*
Maybe somebody has done something to wrap it all.


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