Re: [R] ignoring objects containing NaN's in a recursive function

From: Berton Gunter <>
Date: Wed 15 Mar 2006 - 06:31:08 EST

if(any(is.nan(...)))... ##repeat


  1. Have you tried RSiteSearch('permutation test',restr='function') to see what's already there?
  2. I suspect that there are better ways to do this. In particular, generating all random whatevers at once is way more efficient than repeated calls;
  3. It is **not** a permutation test, since there is no guarantee that all the calls to sample() generate different permutations. (depending on the sample size, this may be nitpicking).


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> Hi-
> General question:
> I have written a function that performs a permutation test. I use the
> function "sample" to randomize my data, then I call on
> another function
> I wrote to analyze the randomized data. This process repeats "n"
> times-- 10, 100 or whatever.
> The function applied to the randomized data creates a matrix and
> sometimes the matrix contains NaN's. I would like my
> function to simply
> ignore any matrices that contain NaN's and continue to cycle until it
> has generated "n" matrices without any NaN's. I am aware of the
> function "is.nan", but I'm not sure how to fit it in.
> Specifics:
> Here's the section of code that needs improvement:
> for (i in 1:n){
> S[,,]= sample (Y[,,])
> dig=auto(S,H,J,T)
> out[i,]=dig[1,]}
> n= number of randomizations
> S= array to store randomized data
> Y= original data array
> dig= the matrix returned by the function "auto"
> out= matrix that collects the first row of each "dig" matrix up to "n"
> Sometimes "dig" includes NaN's. I want the function to ignore those
> "dig"s but keep working until it has generated "n" matrices
> that contain
> no NaN's.
> How could I do this?
> Thanks.
> Jason Mills
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