Re: [R] importing a list

From: <>
Date: Thu 11 May 2006 - 03:05:00 EST

thanks first of all.
Actually, the txt file I want to read as a list is like that:

[1] "impute.1.y=glm(I(y>0)~x+ z+ w,family=binomial(link =logit),data= data)"

[1] "impute.2.y=lm(I(log (y))~x+ z+ w,subset=y>0)"

[1] "impute.x=lm(x~y+ z+ w, data= data)"

[1] "impute.z=lm(z~y+ x+ w,data= data)"

that is a list of 4 elements with the first element a list as well.

To save the file I'm using this function:

list2ascii <- function(x,
file=paste(deparse(substitute(x)),".txt",sep="")) {

    tmp.wid = getOption("width")

So, I should read it using
read.fwf("models.txt", width=getOption("width"))

The problem is that I'm not getting back a list! Probably I have to play with write.table?!! thanks,

On Wed, 10 May 2006, Robert Citek wrote:

> Hello Grazia,
> On May 10, 2006, at 10:23 AM, wrote:
>> I'm trying to automate some regression operations in R leaving the
>> possibility to modify the predictors in the regression.
>> For example, I have saved in a list the results and then exported as a txt
>> file, in which we can modify the predictors, putting for example
>> lm(y~x^2) instead of having lm(y~x) as in the original model.
>> Now, I need to import in R the txt file as a list to evaluate the model.
>> Is that possible?
>> I played around with source() and file() but can't figure it out.
> What OS are you using? When you say the list is in a text file, how is the
> text file structured, e.g. CSV, TSV, fixed-width, other?
> Here's an example of creating, writing, and reading a data.frame:
> d <- data.frame(cbind(x=1, y=1:10))
> write.table(d, file="r-data.txt", sep="\t", na="", quote=FALSE, row.names =
> <- read.delim("r-data.txt")
> HTH.
> Regards,
> - Robert
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