[R] read.xport issues

From: Anne P Shelton <ashelton_at_albany.edu>
Date: Fri 07 Jul 2006 - 02:19:38 EST

We are trying to read a sas export file into R. (Works fine on Mac by ftping the export file from solaris box and then importing to R with read.xport, this gives rational numbers etc.)

Trying to do this on an IBM Power p655 running linux, reading the same sas export file as used on MAC, in this case the results are not rational. Many of the numbers are interpreted as INF etc. Is it possible that the SOLARIS to Linux is causing this problem?

Here is a sample of the input file

HEADER RECORD*******LIBRARY HEADER RECORD!!!!!!!000000000000000000000000000000  SAS     SAS     SASLIB  9.1     SunOS                     
   13JUN06:14:51:0313JUN06:14:51:03                                                                HEADER RECORD*******MEMBER  HEADER RECO
RD!!!!!!!000000000000000001600000000140  HEADER RECORD*******DSCRPTR HEADER RECORD!!!!!!!000000000000000000000000000000  SAS     FIVE_PCTS
ASDATA 9.1     SunOS                        13JUN06:14:51:0313JUN06:14:51:03                                                              
  HEADER RECORD*******NAMESTR HEADER RECORD!!!!!!!000000004100000000000000000000 SETID   Set Identification Number                        
      SEQNO   Sequence Number                                        DIFF    Indicator of Weight             
                      BIRTHID Birth ID                                               TABFLAG Tabulati
n Inclusion Flag                              PLURAL  Plurality                                               !
FLGCOMP Set Completeness Flag                                  SETORDERSet Birth Order                                         1
 ORRACEM Hispanic Origin and Race of Morther Reco                9
MRACE   Race of Mother                                          A
                                                                LIVORD9 Live Birth Order Recode                                 I

GESTESTMClinical Estimation of Gestation Used Fl                Y
GESTAT  Gestation - Detail in Weeks                             CSEX    Sex                                                
    DBIRWT  Birth Weight - Detail in Grams                          CLINGESTClinical Estimate of Gestation     
                    ANEMIA  Anemia                                                 CARDIAC Cardiac Dis
ase                                        LUNG    Acute or Chronic Lung Disease                           
DIABETESDiabetes                                               HERPES  Genital Herpes                                          
HYDRA   Hydramnios/Olgohydramnios                               HEMO    Hemoglobinopathy                                        
CHYPER  Hypertension, Chronic                                   PHYPER  Hypertension, Pregnancy-Associated              
CLAMP  Eclampsia                                               INCERVIXIncompetent Cervix             
                        PRE4000 Previsou Infant 4000+ grams                             PRETERM Previou
 Preterm                                        RENAL   Renal Disease                                           
 RH      RH Sensitization                                        !UTERINE Uterine Bleeding                                        
"OTHERMR Other Medical Risk Factors                             #AGED    Age at Death in Days                                    
$UCOD9   ICD Code 9th                                            %UCODR61 61 Infant Cause Recode                          
        &UCOD10  ICD Code 10th                                           'UCODR130130 Infant Cause Recode    
                           (GESTAT2 LMP Gestation only, clinical estimate co               )RANDOM     
                                                    '                    HEADER RECORD*******OBS     HEADER RECORD!!!!!!!00000000000000000

And a sample of the output file after temp <- read.export("file")
> temp

1       Inf   Inf    +     Inf      NA    Inf       0      Inf     Inf   Inf
2       Inf   Inf    -     Inf      NA    Inf       0      Inf     Inf   Inf
3       Inf   Inf    +     Inf      NA    Inf       0      Inf     Inf   Inf
4       Inf   Inf    -     Inf      NA    Inf       0      Inf     Inf   Inf
5       Inf   Inf    +     Inf      NA    Inf       0      Inf     Inf   Inf
6       Inf   Inf    -     Inf      NA    Inf       0      Inf     Inf   Inf
7       Inf   Inf    -     Inf      NA    Inf       0      Inf     Inf   Inf
8       Inf   Inf    +     Inf      NA    Inf       0      Inf     Inf   Inf
9       Inf   Inf    -     Inf      NA    Inf       0      Inf     Inf   Inf
10      Inf   Inf    +     Inf      NA    Inf       0      Inf     Inf   Inf
11      Inf   Inf    +     Inf      NA    Inf       0      Inf     Inf   Inf
12      Inf   Inf    -     Inf      NA    Inf       0      Inf     Inf   Inf


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