Re: R-beta: dyn.load: incompatability between R and S

Jonathan Myles (
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 17:48:58 +0100 (BST)

Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 17:48:58 +0100 (BST)
Message-Id: <>
From: Jonathan Myles <>
Subject: Re: R-beta: dyn.load: incompatability between R and S

Ross Ihka wrote on Fri 25 Jul

>Jonathan Myles writes:
> > However, in R although the first two statements execute OK, the third
> > produces 
> > 
> > > dyn.load("/homef/jonm/postdocs/GLMM_project/Cprogs/nn/ars.o")
> > Error in dyn.load(x) : /scratch0/jonm/R-0.50-a1/bin/R.binary: fatal: re
> > location error: symbol not found: unitexp: referenced in /homef/jonm/postdocs/GL

>The problem is that our "dyn.load" expects to get a shared library
>rather than just a compiled binary file.  You could take a look at
>the code in demos/dynload to see how this works.  Under SunOS you
>would do
>	gcc -g -fpic misc.c random.c ars.c
>	ld -assert pure-text misc.o random.o ars.o -o
>and then in R
>	dyn.load("")

Thanks very much.  Under solaris2 the  load statement becomes

ld -G misc.o random.o ars.o -o

A general question about inconsistencies: is *any* inconsistency
between R and S (not documented, as this one *was*, so apologies)
worth mentioning here in r-help or would that be an annoyance?  
Is there any list of known inconsistencies or should we go through the
archives before reporting (I've come across a couple in modelling
functions) ?



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