Re: R-beta: restart() in R

Rob Creecy (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 16:24:12 -0400

Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 16:24:12 -0400
From: Rob Creecy <>
To: Martyn Plummer <>
Subject: Re: R-beta: restart() in R

Some time ago you (Martyn Plummer) wrote that you were working on
a port of CODA to R. Have you or anyone else been successful in getting
a working port? I have an immediate need and I am willing to put a
amount of effort to get it to work.

Rob Creecy

Martyn Plummer wrote:

> I am porting CODA to R but I must confess I'm not doing it with any
> great speed. I started by just trying to fix the incompatibilities
> with
> R but my patience snapped fairly quickly and I'm now rewriting and
> reorganizing it. Problems I am trying to deal with (apart from lack of
> spare time) are
> + The code is really awful.
> + The code is really bloated. I'm trying to shrink it down to a
>   reasonable size.
> + There isn't much infrastructure under the menu based interface. I'm
>   trying to reorganize CODA as a library of functions which can be
>   used by an experienced S user. At the moment there is no way to
>   break out of the menu system (CODA was designed for people with no
>   knowledge of S).
> + It contains a fair amount of (slightly modified) proprietary
>   code from MathSoft.  This was included to allow CODA to be run on
>   versions of S-PLUS older than 3.2. I really don't think R users
>   should take bits of S-PLUS code just because they happen to be
>   useful, so I'll either have to rewrite these functions or (more
>   likely) strip them out.
> Martyn

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