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Peter Dalgaard BSA (
07 Jan 1998 12:26:38 +0100

To: Jim Lindsey <>
Subject: Re: R-beta: sequences
From: Peter Dalgaard BSA <>
Date: 07 Jan 1998 12:26:38 +0100
In-Reply-To: Jim Lindsey's message of Wed, 7 Jan 1998 11:55:12 +0100 (MET)

Jim Lindsey <> writes:

>   1. The change of sequences from reals to integers has created a number
> of problems. I already mentioned this earlier on the list but here is
> another example:
> contour(1:10,1:10,z)
> where z is an appropriate matrix, does not work. After searching quite
> a while, I discovered in the C code that contour checks for reals and
> does not allow integers. Someone is going to have through all the C
> code and change checks for reals to numeric anywhere where sequences
> might be used.

- or sprinkle as.double() all over the R code...
>   2. I am still getting systematic crashes when nlm is used heavily
> (since at least last May when I first told it on the list, so this is
> not new to the latest versions).  When nlm is working on a big problem
> intensively for say 5-10 minutes (Pentium 133 with Linux Red Hat 4.1),
> the X server often crashes. If I try to paste something into emacs,
> emacs alone will often crash, sometimes when that is the only thing I
> am doing, but more often when I adjust a window or click in a
> slider. I can usually, but not always, restart X but it is bound to
> happen again so I usually need to reboot. Sometimes it freezes the
> whole computer and I have to shut it off. It seems to occur mostly (if
> not always) when (log) gamma is being used in the likelihood function
> being optimized. But it is not reproducible so I cannot give an
> example.

This sounds like CPU overheating more than anything else (fan still
running?). Note that in contrast to certain other OS's, Linux doesn't
run a busy wait loop when the system is idle, so CPU-intensive tasks
result in an abrupt rise in temperature. Linux should protect
application programs from crashing other parts of the system, so this
is hardly a fault in R.

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