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24 Apr 1998 21:58:11 +0200

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From: Herve Dreau <>
Date: 24 Apr 1998 21:58:11 +0200
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PDB> Jim Lindsey <> writes:

PDB> What I normally do is to run R in an xterm with a scrollbar and
PDB> use that to go back. Alternatively, you can set PAGER=less, which
PDB> *can* go back on stdin but has this annoying screen-switch effect
PDB> where the information disappears just as you want to use it... Or
PDB> you can dump the "<" from $RHOME/cmd/pager, and suffer the
PDB> consequences.

In my cmd/pager I try

pager=${PAGER-"less -X"}

man less : 
-X     Disables sending  the  termcap  initialization  and
              deinitialization  strings to the terminal.  This is
              sometimes desirable if the deinitialization  string
              does   something  unnecessary,  like  clearing  the

but in this case I lost the possibility of navigation in the help (I
got in echo the 'code' of the pressed key (ESC [A for up ...), but 
without R less -X work fine : you can navigate and you don't clear
your screen.

Also I use ESS with Xemacs [a separate frame with the help], or 
pager=xless [a separate window] with 
if [ "$1" != "" ]
then exec $pager < $1& <----
else exec $pager
So you can have more than one help session in the same time.

My 2 eurocentimes. 
Hervé Dréau Interne en Médecine
Médecine Linux Java

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