[R-pkgs] R maps now for Windows

From: Ray Brownrigg <ray_at_mcs.vuw.ac.nz>
Date: Sun 05 Oct 2003 - 20:03:56 EST

The original S maps package, previously only available in R on Unix systems is now available in R for Windows.

maps_2.0-2 and mapdata_2.0-2 (see below) in both source and Windows binary form (for rw1071) have been uploaded to CRAN, hopefully soon to appear.

The key aspect of this package which differentiates it from other GIS related R packages under development is that it is standalone within R, i.e. it does not rely on the presence of any other software.

Features are:
1) Built-in databases for usa, state (states of the USA), county (counties of the USA), world, world2 (Pacific-centric world) and nz. 2) Databases supplied in source form with accompanying software to generate the binary forms, allowing users to edit the data or add new databases (basic format is latitude/longitude pairs). 3) A database of world cities (generally >~100,000 population). 4) A companion package called mapdata provides high-resolution versions of world, world2 and nz, as well as china (provinces) and rivers. 5) A companion package called mapproj provides a variety of map

   projections (from Doug McIlroy).
6) While being backwards-compatible with the original 'S maps library', it also has many new features, including:

The maps and mapdata packages are maintained by Ray Brownrigg with generous assistance from Tom Minka.

The mapproj package is available at


Ray Brownrigg
Tom Minka
October 2003

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