[R-pkgs] Updated package: Boolean v1.03

From: Bear F. Braumoeller <bfbraum_at_fas.harvard.edu>
Date: Wed 15 Oct 2003 - 03:42:21 EST

Version 1.03 of the R package boolean has been uploaded to CRAN and is now available.

boolean implements partial-observability logit and probit models for testing Boolean hypotheses. It permits researchers to model the probability of the occurrence of a given outcome as a complex function of the probabilities that other outcomes will occur (or other conditions will be fulfilled). For example, if p(Y) = p(A) * p(B) (that is, A and B jointly produce Y, and the absence of either precludes it), the boolean routine models p(A) and p(B) as logit or probit curves and p(Y) as their product. Similarly, if A or B produces Y, p(Y) = 1 - [(1-p(A)) * (1-p(B))] becomes the functional form, again with p(A) and p(B) estimated as logit/probit curves. Arbitrarily convoluted combinations -- e.g., (A and B) or (C and D) produces Y; or, p(Y) = 1 - [1-p(A)*p(B)] * [1-p(C)*p(D)] -- can be estimated, and dependence of probabilities can be modeled by including some of the same independent variables in the separate logit or probit equations. The derivation is in Braumoeller, "Causal Complexity and the Study of Politics," Political Analysis 11(3), 209-233.

Version 1.03 is a service update which ensures that all documentation, in particular the documentation of S4 methods objects, is compatible with R 1.8. Previous versions will produce warnings upon compilation.

Bear F. Braumoeller
Assistant Professor
Department of Government
Harvard University

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