[R-pkgs] circular package

From: Claudio Agostinelli <claudio_at_unive.it>
Date: Wed 24 Dec 2003 - 02:28:59 EST

Dear All,
Ulric Lund and me are developing a new package called 'circular' that as soon as possible will substitute 'CircStats' package. A pre-released is available at:
http://www.dst.unive.it/~claudio/R/circular_0.1.tar.gz I kindly ask everybody is using CircStats to check this new package and send me comments, suggestions and bugs to claudio@unive.it and not to the list.
As soon as the package will work fine we will ask the R core to make it available on CRAN.

Claudio Agostinelli

Claudio Agostinelli
Dipartimento di Statistica
Universita' Ca' Foscari di Venezia
Campiello San Agostin, 2347 San Polo
30125 Venezia
Tel: 041 2347432, Fax: 041 710355
email: claudio@unive.it, www: www.dst.unive.it/~claudio

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