[R-pkgs] New Package: geozoo. High-Dimensional Geometric Objects

From: Barret Schloerke <bigbear_at_iastate.edu>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 11:49:06 -0600

 Dear useRs,

I'd like to announce a new package called geozoo, short for geometric zoo. It's a compilation of functions to produce high-dimensional geometric objects, including hypercubes and hyperspheres, Boy's surface, the hyper torus and a selection of polytopes. For a complete list, as well as images and movies, visit http://streaming.stat.iastate.edu/~dicook/geometric-data/<http://streaming.stat.iastate.edu/%7Edicook/geometric-data/> .

This package makes extensive use of GGobi (http://ggobi.org) and the rggobi package (http://ggobi.org/rggobi) to visualise these objects, so if you'd like to practice your high-dimensional visualisation skills, give it a shot!

Any feedback (questions, suggestions, bug-reports, etc.) is very welcome.

Barret Schloerke

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