[R-pkgs] Packages micEcon, sampleSelection, and maxLik

From: Arne Henningsen <arne.henningsen_at_googlemail.com>
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2008 11:45:55 +0100

Dear R Users:

We have splitted up the micEcon package into three packages:

  1. Package "maxLik" provides tools for maximum likelihood estimations (see http://www.maxLik.org).
  2. Package "sampleSelection" provides tools for estimating Heckman-type sample selection/generalized tobit models (see http://www.sampleSelection.org).
  3. Package "micEcon" contains the remainder, i.e. mainly tools for microeconomic demand and firm models, e.g. estimating the "Almost Ideal Demand System" or the "Symmetric Normalized Quadratic" / "Symmetric Generalized McFadden" profit function (see http://www.micEcon.org).

All these packages are available for download from CRAN and from their websites (see above).

Any comments and suggestions on these packages are welcome! Ott & Arne

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