[R-pkgs] ppls: version 1.02 including a new data set

From: Nicole Kraemer <nkraemer_at_cs.tu-berlin.de>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 17:28:19 +0200

Dear R users,

an update of the package ppls - Penalized Partial Least Squares - is now available on CRAN.

It implements the methods described in

N. Krämer, A.-L. Boulesteix, G. Tutz
"Penalized Partial Least Squares with Applications to B-Spline Transformations and Functional Data"
Chem. Intell. Lab. Sys. 2008

Features of the package include

The most important changes since 1.01 are

(1) a more efficient implementation of the penalized PLS algorithm that decreases the run-time substantially,
(2) the inclusion of the data set "cookie" that contains measurements from quantitative near-infrared spectroscopy.

Best regards,

Nicole & Anne-Laure

Dr. Nicole Krämer
TU Berlin
Machine Learning/Intelligent Data Analysis	fon: (+49) 30 314 78627
Franklinstr. 28/29, 10587 Berlin, Germany	fax: (+49) 30 314 78622

web: http://ml.cs.tu-berlin.de/~nkraemer

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