[R-pkgs] hash-2.0.0

From: Christopher Brown <cbrown_at_opendatagroup.com>
Date: Fri, 07 May 2010 09:19:15 -0700

The hash-2.0.0 has been released to CRAN.

This package implements a data structure similar to hashes in Perl and dictionaries in Python but with a purposefully R flavor. For objects of appreciable size, access using hashes outperforms native named lists and vectors.

This version accounts for changes in R-2.11.0 and is optimized for both speed and usabiity.

Some references:

http://opendatagroup.com/2010/04/26/hash-2-0-0/ http://opendatagroup.com/2009/07/26/hash-package-for-r/

Basic Examples:

  h <- hash( keys=letters, values=1:26 )   h <- hash( letters, 1:26 )

  h$a # 1
  h$foo <- "bar"

  h[ "foo" ]
  h[[ "foo" ]]


Warmest Regards,


Christopher Brown
Open Data

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