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Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 08:51:19 -0700

# tikzDevice


## Description

The tikzDevice package new graphics device for R which enables direct
output of graphics in a LaTeX-friendly way.  Plotting commands issued
by R functions are transformed into LaTeX code blocks.  These blocks
are interpreted with the help of TikZ-- a graphics library for TeX and
friends written by Till Tantau.

The tikzDevice supports three main modes of output:

  - Figure chunks: placed in .tex files and suitable for inclusion in
    LaTeX documents via the \input{} command.

  - Stand alone figures: Complete LaTeX documents containing figure
    code that can be compiled into stand-alone images.  Pages are
    cropped to the size of the figure using the preview package.

  - Console output: TikZ code is returned directly to the R console
    as a character vector for further manipulation.

## Beta Notice

The tikzDevice is currently flagged as a beta work.  The package is
reasonably stable and has been used by the authors to produce graphics
for academic publications for over a year.  The reason for beta status
is that there are several open design issues- two of which are:

  - Providing support for UTF8 text.

  - Supporting TeX variants other than LaTeX.

Resolving these issues may require changes to the tikzDevice that
break backwards compatibility with previous versions.  The beta flag
is a reminder that such changes may occur- although we will strive to
avoid them if possible.

The beta flag will be removed upon release of version 1.0. At this
time maintaining backwards compatibility will become a primary concern.

## Obtaining the Package

Stable versions of the tikzDevice may be downloaded from CRAN:

    install.packages( 'tikzDevice' )

Development versions may be obtained from R-Forge:

    install.packages( 'tikzDevice',
      repos='http://r-forge.r-project.net' )

## Reporting Bugs and Getting Help

The tikzDevice has a dedicated mailing list courtesy of R-Forge.  The
mailing list is the easiest way to get answers for questions related
to usage:

  tikzdevice-bugs @at@ lists.r-forge.r-project.org

Primary development takes place on GitHub.  Bugs and feature requests
may be made by opening issues at the primary repository:


Adventurous users are encouraged to fork the repository and contribute
to the development of the device!

## Latest Changes
*See the CHANGELOG for changes that occurred in previous releases*


### Version 0.5.0 Beta


#### Contributors
The following people contributed to this release of the tikzDevice:

- Lorenzo Isella contributed bug reports and examples that led to the
discovery of a bug in fontsize calculations that appeared when certain LaTeX commands were used to change the active font.
- Vivianne Vilar for spotting spelling and grammar errors in the
- Gabor Grothendieck for the idea for sending output to the screen
for use with sink() (i.e. the "console" option) #### New Features
- "console" option for directing tikz() output back into the R console
instead of to a file.
- Preliminary support for a "sanitize" option which allows automatic
escaping of characters that have special meaning to TeX like "$" and "%".
- tikzAnnotate() and tikzCoord() functions. tikzAnnotate() allows
arbitrary LaTeX code to be injected into the output stream of an active tikz() graphics device. tikzCoord() is a wrapper for tikzAnnotate() that inserts named locations into the graphics code. These locations may be referenced by other TikZ drawing commands. #### Bug Fixes
- Removed bad colon in the DESCRIPTION file.

- Proper fontsize calculations now include ps from par() and fontsize
from gpar(). This fixes issues with lattice-based graphics such as ggplot2.
- Metrics are now calculated properly when commands like
\renewcommand\rmdefault are used to adjust the active font.
- Sanitization of % signs in labels.

- The package no longer overwrites user customizations set in places like
.Rprofile with default values when loaded.
- Attempting to use new graphics functions such as rasterImage() now
produces error messages instead of fatal crashes in R 2.11.0 and above. [[alternative HTML version deleted]] _______________________________________________ R-packages mailing list R-packages_at_r-project.org https://stat.ethz.ch/mailman/listinfo/r-packages
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