[R-pkgs] adehabitatMA, LT, HR and HS version 0.1

From: Clément Calenge <clement.calenge_at_oncfs.gouv.fr>
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2011 17:40:54 +0100

Dear all,

I have just uploaded 4 new packages on CRAN, which are on the long term designed to replace the "old" package adehabitat:

I will still continue to maintain the "old" adehabitat, but on the long-term, adehabitat will be replaced by these four packages.

Detailed justification for the development of these packages is given below.

The R environment has changed a lot since I began the development of adehabitat in 2002 (development of namespace, etc.), and new classes and efficient methods have been developed to deal with spatial data (package sp). In addition, the number of functions available in the package has grown to more than 250 functions, implementing methods for habitat selection analysis, home range estimation, animal movement analysis, or spatial operations.

Therefore, I decided to:
(i) rewrite the package adehabitat to make it more compliant with these evolutions of the package R,
(ii) split adehabitat into four packages

The four new packages are:

I will continue to maintain the old adehabitat on CRAN for some time, but on the long term, this package will disappear. These four packages are expected to become the future of adehabitat.

I now describe several major changes:

Note that the calculations performed by most functions of adehabitat have not changed (e.g. the algorithm implemented in kernelUD of adehabitat is the same as the algorithm implemented in the function kernelUD of the package adehabitatHR), since they have been deeply discussed with users and corrected during the last six years. Only the input and output of the functions have been changed.

Happy testing,

Clément Calenge

Cellule d'appui à l'analyse de données
Direction des Etudes et de la Recherche
Office national de la chasse et de la faune sauvage
Saint Benoist - 78610 Auffargis
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