[R-pkgs] Update: googleVis 0.2.4 - Using the Google Visualisation API with R

From: Markus Gesmann <markus.gesmann_at_googlemail.com>
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2011 22:33:12 +0000

Hi all,

Version 0.2.4 of the googVis package has been released on CRAN and will be available from your local CRAN mirror soon.

googleVis provides an interface between R and the Google Visualisation API. The functions of the package allow users to visualise data stored in R with the Google Visualisation API without uploading their data to Google

Since the last version a lot of work has been carried out under the bonnet to make googleVis more flexible and easier to use.

The new version no longer requires to install the package into a folder with access rights and provides a better interface to insert the visualisation output into your own sites.

For more information see:
Project site: http://code.google.com/p/google-motion-charts-with-r/

Overview: http://google-motion-charts-with-r.googlecode.com/files/GoogleVisOverview_0.2.4.pdf
Examples: http://code.google.com/p/google-motion-charts-with-r/wiki/GadgetExamples
Vignette: http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/googleVis/vignettes/googleVis.pdf

And here are the NEWS:

Version 0.2.4 [2011-02-07]


   o plot.gvis no longer writes into the package folder. Instead

     temporary files are created. This overcomes the need to install
     the package into a directory with write access. Many thanks to
     Ben Bolker for this suggestion and code contribution.  
   o plot.gvis no longer requires the web server provided by
     the R.rsp package to display the visualisation output. Instead it
     uses the internal R HTTP help server. Many thanks to John Verzani
     for this suggestion and code contribution. 
   o R >= 2.11.0 is required to plot googleVis output, as it uses the
     internal R HTTP help server.
   o Updated vignette with a section on how to use googleVis with
     RApache and brew

NEW FEATURES    o The plot function generates a web page which includes a link

     to the HTML code of the chart. Many thanks to Henrik Bengtsson
     for this suggestion.

   o gvis visualisation functions have a new argument 'chart id', to
     set the chart id of the exhibit manually.           

   o gvis functions return more details about the visualisation chart
     in a structured way. Suppose x is a 'gvis' object, than
     x$html$chart is a named character vector of the chart's
     JavaScript building blocks and html tags. 

   o print.gvis has a new argument 'tag', which gives the user more
     control over the output

   o New brew example files in: 
     system.file("brew", package = "googleVis")  

BUG FIXES    o gvisTable did not accept datetime columns.

Please feel free to send us an email <rvisualisation_at_gmail.com> if you would like to be kept informed of new versions, or if you have any feedback, ideas, suggestions or would like to collaborate.

Best regards,

The googleVis team:
Markus Gesmann, Diego de Castillo

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