[R-pkgs] Rook: software and specification for R web applications and servers

From: Jeffrey Horner <jeffrey.horner_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 16:20:04 -0600

Dear  useRs,

Rook version 1.0-3 has been submitted to CRAN. In the mean time you can get it here:


The latest release contains support for deployment with rApache. Please see 3.6.5 and 3.6.6 under section 'Configuring rApache' in the manual:


What is Rook? A package that does three things:

You may not see the need for web applications written in R, but consider using Rook to build a statistical engine that complements a front-end web system, or consider creating elegant ggplot2 graphics on-demand from a fresh data stream. Also, consider creating dynamic instructional content for the classroom.

If you have other examples or ideas, please join in the discussion on R-help or here:


Jeffrey Horner

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