[R-pkgs] New package TestSurvRec_1.01

From: Carlos M. Martinez Manrique <cmartin_at_uc.edu.ve>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2012 00:02:19 -0430 (VET)

Dear all,

Recurrent events are common in many areas: psychology, engineering, medicine, physics, astronomy, biology, economics and so on . Such events are very common in the real world: viral diseases, carcinogenic tumors, machinery and equipment failures, births, murders, rain, industrial accidents, car accidents and so on . The availability of computerized tools for the analysis is indispensable. The development of tools for the statistical analysis of recurrent events is relatively recent and is not fully known. The purpose of this package is to present statistical tests for the analysis of recurrent event data.

Now, a new package called “ TestSurvRec_1.01 ” is available.

“ TestSurvRec_1.01 ” computes the p-values of tests to compare two survival curves of groups with recurrent events.

Function for plotting of survival curves [estimates by PHS, Peña et al. ( 2001 )] of the groups is also available.

The recurrent events of the units are plotted. Counting process are powerful tools in survival analysis. These processes consider two scale time, a calendar time scale and a gap time scale. This idea originated from Gill ( 1981 ) and has been extended in Peña et al. ( 2001 ). Martínez et. al ( 2009 ) published these weighted tests for survival analysis with recurrent events.

Visit: http://cran.r-project. org/web/packages/TestSurvRec/


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