Re: R-alpha: as.single is broken + pnorm

Mike Meyer (
Mon, 01 Apr 1996 22:46:10 -0500

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Subject: Re: R-alpha: as.single is broken + pnorm 
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 1996 22:46:10 -0500
From: Mike Meyer <>

A fix (perhaps not the best, but it works) for underflows on the HP is
just to "use the force".  HP-UX obeys SVIDArith, so just setting that
switch in System/HP solves the pnorm problem.
(Thanks to Ross for pointing out the obvious underflow problem---I
wasn't thinking).

Here is my current System/HP file. --Mike

# Hewlett-Packard Unix Machines using X11R5
# This worked on on (thanks Mike!)
# Note the -Dno_f77_underscore

# System Dependencies
SYSTEM= -DHP -DUnix -Dno_f77_underscore -DSVIDArith -DProctime -DDLSupport -DSHL

# C Compiler and Options
CC= gcc
CFLAGS= -g -I/usr/include/X11R5/X11 $(SYSTEM)

# Fortran Compiler and Options (-E for Dynamic loading)
F77= f77

# Yacc (Note: Bison does not work, get byacc).

# Command to Create Libraries from Object Files
MKLIB= ../tools/library.bsd

# Create an Executable from Objects and Libraries (-E for Dynamic loading)
LD= f77 -O -Wl,-E

# Libraries to Load Against
LIBS= -lm -ldld /usr/lib/X11R5/libX11.a

Mike Meyer, Department of Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University
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