R-alpha: 0.6

Paul Gilbert (pgilbert@bank-banque-canada.ca)
Tue, 21 May 1996 14:21:00 -0400

Date: Tue, 21 May 1996 14:21:00 -0400
From: pgilbert@bank-banque-canada.ca (Paul Gilbert)
To: r-testers@stat.math.ethz.ch
Subject: R-alpha: 0.6
Message-Id: <96May21.140931edt.29453@mailgate.bank-banque-canada.ca>

In S I use the function "do.call" to call a function and provide its
arguments in a list:

     r <- do.call("foo", arglist)

but do.call does not seem to be available in R. Is there a way to do

Also, I'm not sure if this should be described as a bug or a feature,
since it led me to discover a bug in my code. In either case the so
called "trivially true" is different in R 0.6 than it is in Splus.

Splus gives
> all(NULL == NULL)
[1] T

R 0.6 gives
> all(NULL == NULL)
Error: comparison is possible only for vector types

Paul Gilbert
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