R-alpha: sys.function()

Mike Meyer (mikem@stat.cmu.edu)
Tue, 28 May 1996 12:20:37 -0400

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Subject: R-alpha: sys.function()
Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 12:20:37 -0400
From: Mike Meyer <mikem@stat.cmu.edu>

The R documentation says

             sys.function has not been implemented but could easily
             be.  It doesn't seem to be necessary as you can get
             what you want from sys.call.

I can't figure out how emulation sys.function using sys.call.  In
particular I'm trying to use the S match.arg function, which calls

So, can someone either
1) help me get a version of match.arg that doesn't require sys.function
2) help me emulation sys.function with sys.call
3) provide a working sys.function in R

(All this is in an effort to get some Terry Therneaux's survival
functions working).

Thanks, --mike

Mike Meyer, Department of Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University

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