Re: R-alpha: Fortran (linpack and eispack are dead!)

Gordon K Smyth (
Mon, 01 Jul 1996 16:35:54 +1000

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Date: Mon, 01 Jul 1996 16:35:54 +1000
From: Gordon K Smyth <>
Subject: Re: R-alpha: Fortran (linpack and eispack are dead!)

At 02:38 PM 7/1/96 +1200, Ross wrote:
>I am currently in the process of removing all traces of fortran from
>the R distribution.  This is mainly to help the porting effort to
>Windows and the Macintosh.  To do this I have recoded the routines we
>actually use from Linpack and Eispack in C (I think I can now
>outperform commercial translation programs!).  The question remains of
>whether and how to provide general functionality.  I see a number of
>1)  Provide a subset of LAPACK (which subset?).
>2)  Provide all of LAPACK in a statically loaded form.
>3)  Provide all of LAPACK as an add on in DLL form (this will not
>    work on all platforms).
>The range of platforms and need we are aiming at is quite large so it
>may be impossible to satisfy all needs.  Anyone care to comment?
>	Ross

I would personally love to have access to most of LAPACK (the linear
algebra, eg banded matrices, more than the eigenvalue routines).  About
how much memory are we talking about if statically loaded?

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