R-alpha: read.file is documented but not present?

Douglas Bates (bates@stat.wisc.edu)
Tue, 6 Aug 96 12:55 CDT

Message-Id: <m0unqLw-0000ULC@franz.stat.wisc.edu>
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 96 12:55 CDT
From: Douglas Bates <bates@stat.wisc.edu>
To: R Mailing List <r-testers@stat.math.ethz.ch>
Subject: R-alpha: read.file is documented but not present?

There is documentation for a function called read.file() but it does
not appear to be present.  On the other hand, read.table() is not
documented but appears when called.
 > read.file("Timings", header = T)
 Error: couldn't find function "read.file"
 > read.table("Timings", header = T)
   Size  Franz Arcola
 1  100   4.70   0.73
 2  200  41.03   6.07
 3  300 171.67  22.67
 4  400 416.72  57.13
 5  500 814.70 112.35

BTW Ross.  Those are the user times in seconds for the SVD of an
orthogonal matrix of size Size on two Linux machines.  These are using
the BLAS written in C.  Franz is the poor old 486 DX4-75 16Mb machine
I am using for a while and Arcola is the Pentium 100 32Mb that Bill
Venables uses.  I'm thinking of starting a collection to buy me a real
computer :-)
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