R-alpha: "[[<-" drops attributes

Robert Dunne (dunne@yarra.vut.edu.au)
Thu, 15 Aug 96 14:23:13 EST

Date: Thu, 15 Aug 96 14:23:13 EST
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From: Robert Dunne <dunne@yarra.vut.edu.au>
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hi R  users,

does anyone know of a way to do "static" loading of an executable into R?
The reason I want to do this is that I want to debug fortran code 
that is linked to R.

The S+ way of doing this is to do a static loading and then attach the gdb 
debugger to the running S+ process, put a breakpoint in the fortran code and 
then call the fortran function from within S+ (thanks to 
David M. Smith who explained this on aus.stats.s).

I tried to do this with the zero.c example in demos/dynload. This is what I did

1)I first put zero.c in the src/main directory, edited the Makefile and
   compiled R.

2) nm revealed that the symbols "zero_find", etc are in fact loaded into R

lycra> nm R.binary |grep zero_find
       0806e2a0 T zero_find

3) I ran R and tried to call zero_find

>cube1 <- function(x) (x^2+1)*(x-1.5)
>x0 <- zero(cube1, c(0,5))
  Error in .C("zero_find",  : C/Fortran function not in load table

and it tells me that the function is not in the load table.
Any ideas about how can I get it into the load table?

			thanks all

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