R-alpha: R-mode?

Anthony Rossini (rossini@math.sc.edu)
Fri, 13 Sep 1996 10:43:01 -0400

Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 10:43:01 -0400
Message-Id: <199609131443.KAA01799@fhat.stat.sc.edu>
From: Anthony Rossini <rossini@math.sc.edu>
To: Fredrik Glockner <fredrigl@math.uio.no>
Subject: R-alpha: R-mode?
In-Reply-To: <199609131429.QAA01251@biopc43.uio.no>

>>>>> "Fredrik" == Fredrik Glockner <fredrigl@math.uio.no> writes:

    Fredrik> I've heard rumours that there exists a modified version
    Fredrik> of S-mode that can be used with R.  I did search around
    Fredrik> the web a bit to try to find it but couldn't.  Do any of
    Fredrik> you know where this can be found?

Here's the quick fix:

;;; the following from M Maechler (maechler@stat.math.ethz.ch)
(defun R () "Call 'R', the  'S clone' of Robert & Ross from NZ"
  (let ((inferior-S-program "R"))
    (setq inferior-S-help-command "help(\"%s\")\n"); let fails...
    (setenv "PAGER" "cat") ;-- a MUST for the old-style (nroff) help  above !


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