Re: R-alpha: dev.cur().. -- or just .Device / .Devices !?

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Mon, 23 Dec 96 17:58:45 +0100

Date: Mon, 23 Dec 96 17:58:45 +0100
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From: Martin Maechler <>
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Subject: Re: R-alpha: dev.cur().. -- or just .Device / .Devices !?

>>>>> "Ross" == Ross Ihaka <> writes:

    Ross> Paul Gilbert writes:
    >> Also, is there any way to test for an active graphics device, like
    >> dev.cur()?

    Ross> In response to needles from Martin M.  I have just started
    Ross> looking at this as part of the mutiple device-driver problem.

Dear Ross, I hope you feel stimulated by these needles rather than anything
like frustrated..

    Ross> Don't expect much for a while.  Ross

Just a quick remark:
	I believe that multiple device drivers maybe quite something
	to implement taking time. However, what we would like for the
	moment is just what 'plain S' used to have: 
	A 'frame 0' variable  '.Device'  (of mode character) containing the
	name of the current device if there's any.

  I have (and others probably have similar) plotting functions which do
  something like 

	plot(............, col = if(.Device=="postscript")1 else 1:5, .....)

  which gives B&W plots for postscript and color for X11.

Merry Christmas to Robert & Ross and to the whole R-testers list!
It has been a pleasure to see R taking such a great shape during this

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