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10 Feb 1997 15:32:50 +0100

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Subject: Re: R-alpha: Books on S
From: Peter Dalgaard BSA <>
Date: 10 Feb 1997 15:32:50 +0100
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Peter Parzer <> writes:

> Hi,
> I am starting to use R, but I have never used S. Since the documentation
> on R is still uncomplete, can someone recommend me some good books on S?

For an introduction, try Venables'  available by
anonymous FTP from It's a very nice compact (82 pp.)
compendium style work. It dates from July '92, but I don't offhand see
anything that is really outdated in it. 

Of books, the fundamental ones are the "blue book" ("The new S
language") and the "white book" ("Statistical models in S") --
references are in Venables' notes. They have the rather annoying
property that some important language changes occurred in between them
(notably, data frames were introduced) so the blue book is partly out
of date and the white book omits information which is covered in the
blue book.

We also have "A handbook of statistical analyses using S-Plus" by
Brian S. Everitt (Chapman+Hall) in our library. That one is a
walk-though style book, i.e. "Input this, then the output is this, and
it means this".

There are also books by Spector (we have it but someone borrowed it
from the library), Venables+Ripley, ...

See also

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