R-alpha: S-mode 4.8 for XEmacs (and other fixes)

Anthony Rossini (rossini@math.sc.edu)
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 16:51:49 -0500

Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 16:51:49 -0500
Message-Id: <199702102151.QAA20045@fhat.stat.sc.edu>
From: Anthony Rossini <rossini@math.sc.edu>
To: S-mode@stat.math.ethz.ch, s-news@utstat.toronto.edu,
Subject: R-alpha: S-mode 4.8 for XEmacs (and other fixes)

I'm pleased to finally annouce that it looks like the problems with
XEmacs and S-mode 4.8 have finally been solved (at least by me -- I'm
sure there is someone out there, more intelligent, who solved them
much earlier).

Please try and check out.  I've incorporated Martin Maechler's patches
(to 4.8.6) which allow for R to co-exist, and my patches for menus and
key binds for XEmacs compatibility.  Note that this midway through a 2
week-long work in progress.  I've been running the current version on
XEmacs 19.14 and XEmacs 20.0 and it hasn't bombed (running R and
Splus) in 15 hours (except when XEmacs 20.0 bombs).

Please report any and all problems to me (rossini@stat.sc.edu), as I'm
sure they aren't David or Martin's fault, and I'm probably to blame.

It's available from:



(note that the second is ftp.__MATH__, not stat...).

Also, you will have to remove the *.elc files from the tar package and
compile (i.e. "make") -- they were built under XEmacs 20.0, probably
not appropriate for either Emacs 19 or XEmacs 19.  If you have spare
time and can try the above code under Emacs 19.3x, I'd be really happy
to know how it works.  The latest version built here (not by me) is
19.27, which is nearly 2 years old...

Also on the list of things to do for the remainder of the week are:
-	"other frame" type commands straightened out
-	a toolbar (for all of S-mode, S-transcript-mode, and
-	a few ideas from Ross I. for better dealings with R.
-	misc other things if time permits.

I've been meaning to do this since last July, sorry for delays.  If
you can get try it and get back to me by friday with any bugs, i'd be
much appreciative.

(p.s. you really don't want to be running XEmacs 20 unless you like
beta software and typing in Japanese...).


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