R-alpha: Bounced message (contained 'H.lp!' in the subject)

Martin Maechler (maechler@stat.math.ethz.ch)
Thu, 20 Feb 97 09:14:47 +0100

Date: Thu, 20 Feb 97 09:14:47 +0100
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From: Martin Maechler <maechler@stat.math.ethz.ch>
To: r-testers@stat.math.ethz.ch
Subject: R-alpha: Bounced message (contained 'H.lp!' in the subject)

Date: Wed, 19 Feb 1997 20:33:11 +0100
Message-Id: <199702191933.UAA20928@aragorn.ci.tuwien.ac.at>
From: Kurt Hornik <Kurt.Hornik@ci.tuwien.ac.at>
To: r-testers@stat.math.ethz.ch
Subject: help.start()
Reply-to: Kurt.Hornik@ci.tuwien.ac.at

I am not sure how useful others find that, but we like the idea of using
a browser which is already open rather than starting a new one.  This
can be accomplished by replacing help.start() by

help.start <-
function(gui = "irrelevant", browser="netscape") {
  file <- "$RHOME/html/index.html"
  system(paste(browser, " -remote \"openURL(", file, ")\" 2>/dev/null || ",
	       browser, " ", file, " &", sep = ""))

Of course, if we decide that the on-line help system will eventually be
based on HTML, I can extend the above to other browsers as well ...

- -k
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