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Tue, 4 Mar 97 12:16:57 +0100

Date: Tue, 4 Mar 97 12:16:57 +0100
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Subject: Re: R-alpha: Linux

There is no such thing as "version of Linux".
Linux is a complete operating system containing innumerable components many
of which are very useful 
 (and indispensable, e.g., if you want to compile and install R).
The innermost basic component is called "kernel"
You should make sure that you get a version  2.0.x of the kernel.

Complete "Distributions" include installation procedures for the whole of Linux.

I'd recommend either the  "Red Hat" distribution (commercial).
or even more the "GNU/Debian Linux" distribution which is free.

Nowadays, I'd recommend to buy a CD-ROM  "in a bookstore near you".
Alternatively, you order one (by credit card) from the distributors (in USA).
If you don't like this, you can download 'everything' from the NET.

There is 100's of places with more information on Linux on the NET.
My own small collection of useful links is very incomplete and propably
partly outdated.

In Italy, the "Linux Documentation Project  Home Page" is
supposedly mirrored at or 

I hope this get's you "jump-started".

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