Re: R-alpha: Time Series and Wavelets Packs

Arne Kovac (
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 00:00:53 +0000 (GMT)

Date: Thu, 6 Mar 1997 00:00:53 +0000 (GMT)
From: Arne Kovac <>
To: Janusz Kawczak <>
Subject: Re: R-alpha: Time Series and Wavelets Packs
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On Wed, 5 Mar 1997, Janusz Kawczak wrote:

> Hi,
> I would like to know whether somebody has ported the S-Plus packages
> for doing time series and/or wavelets to R. I need to use some of
> the functions included in those packages and I would appreciate any
> information on that matter. Otherwise, I am thinking of kind of "crude"
> porting from S functions to R; but I am afraid of loosing the functionality
> of those functions in R. (I am running the latest Linux from Slackware).
> Thank you in advance.
> Janusz.

I am working with wavelets and found nearly no problems so far with Guy
Nason's WaveThresh which is available from the statlib archive
( The author has developed a lot of
new stuff which will be available in the next release (ask Guy for
details). I remember that I made two changes when I used it for the first
time with R-0.12, but I am not sure if they are still necessary.

1) Delete the body of the maybe.load-function (one if-clause) and include
the dyn.load-command in your ".First"-function.

2) In "plot.wd": Delete the "sub"-argument which is passed to the
plot-function in line 19 of the body.  

I haven't tried all WaveThresh functions, but I don't think there will
occur many problems.


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