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  • I'm an evangelical Christian (the link gives my short definition of this term).
  • What does it mean to be a Christian? On the web you can find a number of concise summaries of Christian beliefs. A good one, adapted from Two ways to live by a friend of mine, James Hurst, can be found on the site he wrote for his church, by following this link.
  • The story about when A US state set the value of pi to 3 is often blamed on Christians. This (from the sci.math FAQ) seems to be the germ of truth behind this rumor.
  • This Index of encyclical letters from Pope John Paul II allows you to download encyclical letters from the present pope. I obtained the letter veritatis splendor from here.
  • The newsgroups aus.religion and aus.religion.christian used to be good newsgroups, as far as newsgroups go. The quality of discussion has gone steadily downhill for the last couple of months. These days, I wouldn't recommend reading them without a newsreader with a killfile (a method for filtering the newsgroup articles you want to read), with the line
    included - that command junks articles that appear in 10 or more newsgroups. Generally the quality and friendliness of any discussion is inversely preportional to the number of newsgroups it takes place in. Discussion about specifically Christian matters should go to aus.religion.christian. Please don't post to these newsgroups if you are not posting from or about an Australian context (see their newsgroup charters for more information). There is also an aus.religion archive.
  • In the Footsteps of the Lord has an extensive range of WWW links on lots of Christian topics.
  • The Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship is an inter-denominational fellowship of Christian doctors, dentists and medical and dental students that encourages them to integrate their Christian faith and their healing practice.

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