James' First e-mail

James sent this e-mail to all his mates when he first got a computer account with internet access
Date: Mon, 15 May 1995 22:07:06 +1000 (GMT+1000)
From: James Hurst (s079376@student.uq.edu.au)
Subject: GOLLY!!!!
To: (list deleted)

Howdy cyberpals!! This is a big 10-4 from the Tonka truck on the Infobahn, James himself! I'm one of the luckly ones to have an intensely personal username. Yessiree, now that I'm loose on the "I.S." (thanks Mr Vice-President) you too can, for fun and profit, talk to me! Not only will it assuage my feelings of isolation and imrpove your finger muscles, but I may actually keep in touch with my friends more regularly. Since I don't actually earn a living connected to a modem you may have to wait a bit before I reply to mail, but I'm sure the suspense won't kill you.

Just remember, be gentle with me...

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