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I'm a Christian. I attend Mayfield Baptist Church

I've found some valuable sites on the web, that are helpful for Christians, and non-Christians interested in finding out more. Of particular note are:


It seems to be compulsory to include links to your mates' home pages. So here they are.

  • Greg Restall - Greg is a logician who has famous enough a web presence to be featured in the paper.
  • Steven Young (not to be confused with Steve Young, (sadly no longer) quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers), is a thoughtful neural net hacker, who runs the computers of the Facility for Computational Modelling in Cognitive Science in the Department of Experimental Psychology, at Oxford University.
  • James Hurst's 15 minutes (of net.fame) first appeared in the dying days of 1995. However, I couldn't resist leaving up his very first e-mail, which is a classic piece of exultant newbie-ism.
  • Ian Peake - Ian is a fellow linux nerd.
  • Music

  • Steve Taylor is my all-time favourite artist. See these sites:
  • Iona, a band that draws its inspiration from Celtic history and early Celtic Christian traditions. Iona is a classically oriented 'art rock' band that draws upon the name and the heritage of the isle of Iona on Scotland's western shore. (description cribbed from the site) Not only an excellent band, but a beautifully presented WWW site.
  • The Scared Weird Little Guys - an Australian comedy singing duo. Their 1993 song, bloody Jeff, blaming Jeff Kennett for everything and anything has provided me with a new phrase to use to complain about anything.


    The pictures are in your head

    We listen to a lot of radio. I think there are a lot of things that make radio preferable to TV. Under this heading I've put links to pages about various radio programs and networks.

  • The ABC's web site has pages for JJJ, radio national and some other services. (RN has transcripts of its 8:30 reports)
  • photoAlistair Cooke's letter from America: Veteran broadcaster Alistair Cooke offers his personal interpretation and views on all aspects of American life in this classic radio series Letter From America. (description from the BBC World Service Features page)
  • I'm sorry, I'll read that again - is a classic BBC radio comedy show.
  • Cymru

    I'm a second generation Australian of Welsh ancestry.

  • If you want to learn Welsh, try the course in Welsh, from a University in the USA.
  • The WWW and other net stuff

  • I use htp to pre-process the HTML for these files. It is a flexible tool that allows you to change the look of all your web pages with simple commands.
  • I edit the files before pre-processing in vi, so I proudly carry the vi powered logo. I use a set of vi macros for html codes, which you can find here.


    Babylon 5

    This is one of the best pieces of television science-fiction there is. Australians can discuss the show in aus.sf.babylon5. The newsgroup also has a WWW page
    This is my favourite line from the series.
  • Frontline

    (screened in the USA as behind the frontline, to avoid confusion with a real documentary series called frontline)
    Biting satire about television current affairs. This tribute page is a little out of date (it only deals with the first series) but apart from that features cast photos, episode details and reviews.

    Books I've read recently

    Robert King's page
    Mathematical and Physical Sciences
    University of Newcastle
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